Poziom B2 Lekcja 2 - Ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

Use the past perfect simple forms to complete the sentences.

  1. My sister asked me if I ... (read) that article.
  2. We bought a new car after we ... (sell) the old one.
  3. ... (you / prepare) dinner before James arrived?
  4. When they saw each other they realized they ... (met) before.
  5. Mark ... (cook) lunch before Maggie came back home.
  6. We ... (not / get up) when the phone rang.
  7. Tom ... (hope) to retire at 60, but they persuaded him to stay on for two more years.
  8. Jane ... (think) about flying to Los Angeles, but all the flights were booked up.
  9. The play ... (begin) by the time we got to the theatre.
  10. What ... (your brother / want) to see before he left Rome?