Poziom A2 Lekcja 5 - Ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences using the first conditional forms. (Uzupełnij zdania używając form first conditional.)

  1. If he ... (earn) a lot of money, he will travel all over the world.
  2. Jane will be angry if we ... (not / come) to her birthday party.
  3. If he ... (leave) now, he won't be late.
  4. What ... you ... (do) if you don't get this job?
  5. If I ... (not / be) up before nine, wake me up, will you?
  6. You'll arrive too late if you ... (catch) the 11.15 train.
  7. Martin ... (pass) this exam if he takes it.
  8. I'll ask somebody else if you ... (not / answer) my question.
  9. John ... (tell) Tom about the meeting if he sees him.
  10. We ... (not / go) swimming unless the weather is fine tomorrow.